Smoking - Liberal Democrats WA


The Liberal Democrats believe that,

  • Smoking cigarettes or consuming other tobacco products, regardless of health risks, is a personal choice. We are neither pro-smoking nor anti-smoking, but pro-choice.
  • People who choose to consume tobacco products should not be taxed excessively, just as people who risk their health by consuming unhealthy food aren’t taxed for this.
  • Smoking risks should not be passed onto others who choose not to smoke, such as from second-hand smoke inhalation, however businesses should have the right to choose whether to allow patrons to smoke on their premises, just like private properties.

To that end, we will;

  • Eliminate the ‘sin tax’ of tobacco excise.
  • Allow businesses to make the rules on smoking on their premises and allow patrons and workers to take this into account when offering their business or labour.
  • Ensure that laws about smoking in public places where your smoke may affect others are upheld.