Planning - Liberal Democrats WA


As Liberal Democrats, we acknowledge that a certain degree of planning is required to allow communities to evolve and grow successfully.  In the past, we had local Roads Boards, responsible for planning, building and maintaining our roads. Those have morphed into giant Councils and Shires which now intrude into almost every facet of our personal lives.

Liberal Democrats WA want to see our Councils and Shires focusing on the provision of key services - roads, sewerage, and the collection of refuse.  They should be keeping out street lights on, not telling us where we can build cubby houses for our kids.

We further believe that issues relating to housing density, and the building of new suburbs, are best left to the market.  Private companies should be encouraged to build in areas in which they think the market will support their endeavours. If people want to live in close-quarters with one another in inner city suburbs, or prefer larger lots in more rural locations, they should have that choice, and government should not be required to intervene.