Health - Liberal Democrats WA


As Liberal Democrats, we believe in the drastic reduction of government interference in the right of individuals to manage their own health.  We do not need government to maintain our houses, to maintain our cars, or to maintain our wardrobes. We should not, therefore, need government to maintain our bodies.


As such, the Liberal Democrats WA propose to:

  • Transfer ownership of public hospitals to non-government organisations.
  • Replace Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme with a means tested medical expenses subsidy.
  • Abolish government intervention in private health insurance.
  • Abolish government involvement in the delivery of health services.
  • Maintain government involvement in the management of infectious diseases, including through vaccination.
  • Abolish government funding of health research, while endorsing and encouraging private funding.
  • Privatise blood, organ and tissue coordination and supply agencies.
  • Maintain government involvement in the setting of health service standards, and health statistics.