Equality - Liberal Democrats WA


As Liberal Democrats, we believe that:

⦁ a person’s sex, race, religion or membership of a demographic group should have no bearing on their access to and treatment by the criminal justice system, their access to welfare payments, government services, government employment and contacts
⦁ A person’s wealth or social status should not affect their treatment under the law. The law should apply to all people equally
⦁ Affirmative action schemes enforced by the government are inherently anti-meritocratic and discriminatory

To that end, we will;

⦁ Solidify and underline laws concerning freedom of religion, and pass laws to ensure that the government can not discriminate in any capacity based on race, religion or sex
⦁ Continue legal aid for low-income defendants and require bail to be set at judicial discretion based upon the financial situation of defendants and their subsequent risk of fleeing before trial
⦁ Abolish all affirmative action and demographic quota programs within all government sectors

Affirmative action means the death of meritocracy
The Liberal Democrats are fundamentally opposed to programmes that seek to impose particular values on society, or to correct perceived disadvantage through affirmative action. We believe all Australians deserve to be treated equally well by the government, and all should be held responsible for their own individual choices and actions. We will legislate against all government funded programs and bodies that cater to particular racial, ethnic, religious or gender groups. We will reverse wage policies which allow Aboriginal public servants extra holidays for ‘cultural and ceremonial’ reasons. In order to live in a functioning society, we all need to play by the same rules.

The Liberal Democrats never have and never will choose who they employ based upon arbitrary characteristics. If our party was 100% female or 100% male, Aboriginal, White, or Chinese, we would not mind in the slightest, so long as those employed are the best people for the job. Meritocracy trumps enforced diversity any day. Diversity quotas hurt those who have worked hard and are best qualified for a position. Instead of freely hiring the more qualified candidate, under affirmative action companies are forced to hire another candidate based on their race, for example. That is what’s commonly known as ‘racism’.