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Aboriginal Affairs

As Liberal Democrats, we believe that a person’s sex, race, religion or membership of a demographic group should have no bearing on the manner in which they interact with the criminal justice system, their access to welfare payments, government services, employment or contracts.

As such, we support the abolition of all affirmative action programmes, and an end to government funding for bodies that promote group discrimination or cater to particular ethnic, racial, or religious groups.

We recognise that Australia’s indigenous peoples were here many centuries before European colonisation, but we don’t believe that you can rewrite history by giving one portion of our community an apology and a blank cheque.  Instead, we are committed to pursuing policies which advance the living conditions of ALL Australians, and give every one of our citizens, be they indigenous or of immigrant stock, the opportunity to thrive and develop as a part of our modern Australian society.

Indigenous communities that wish to exist outside of mainstream society are welcome to establish themselves, and we recognise their right to freedom of association, and their choice of both lifestyle and location.  To survive, however, these communities must be economically viable, just as any other community in Australia must. We are morally opposed to the dependency / welfare traps which recent governments have encouraged, and we extend that opposition to include black and white, rural and urban Australians, of all races and backgrounds.